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Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing for October 15

Once again we have the privilege of Denise as our guest reader. Today she goes deep into the message and indeed this message resonates with me today in many ways.


We talk about change, transformation and evolution a lot in these oracle blessings. If you weren’t convinced of the radical nature of times like these before, is it sinking in now? Oh my goodness…

October 15

With such intense energies bombarding our beautiful Earth right now, it’s important to remember to rest and to say “no” when we know it’s the best way. The cocoon offers a respite from daily doing to focus upon the higher task of aligning with our becoming. We are all busy, but introspection is key to balance-beyond-overwhelm now.

You are the Creator of your experience. It’s important to remember this now in matters of the heart. What values do you call forth and honor in relationships? Stay true to yourself, being honest about fears and jealousies that hinder you from being who you wish to be in love. Step beyond them and enjoy your spirit flight.

A perceptual shift is very likely right now. It may be helpful to take an inventory of at least one story you tell yourself that is not true. Then open to your grander view of the Universe. What changes “out there” as you clear away the cobwebs within? 

The message of Lake Baikal, the hidden influence in this draw: “I can be independent and successful. I can be alone and not lonely. Being different can be a source of power. There is magic in the world and I can perceive it.” ~ Stacey Demarco

Your mantra, Beautiful Beloveds: “May I fly free from the stories that bind my wings. I am willing to be the masterful creator of my life.”

In bliss and love, with abundant Reiki blessings from my heart to yours ~ Denise

Oracle Blessings, October 12

What is it that you think of when you hear the word community?

October 12

When we embrace our beloved, we create a community, it may seem to be a community of two, but indeed the community created is much larger. Friends, family, coworkers, and even past relationships come into the community in a very real way. In this time remember the support that is offered in this community. When you are lacking or when you are feeling the need for nurturing; embrace this community ask for help when needed and offer help when asked, they are here for you at this time.

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.

Cesar Chavez

This is the time to be aware of the lessons of the past and how those lessons affect the present moment. Be aware of the patterns from your past, this may affect how you nurture your heart. Before making a “leap of the heart” embrace your intelligence and the lessons that you’ve learned from the past adventures.

I offer you this supportive mantra:

In times of trouble and distress

I embrace my community

We are truly one

~Dana Nöllsch~


Healing/Wholing Shamanic Reiki Oracle Blessing for October 8

What gifts do the full moon and eclipse bring to the collective today? What are you feeling inside? What does your intuition wish to share with you?

October 8

Oh my gosh… The amplification of chaos and drama energies is incredible right now and they will be for the next two weeks. The path for stepping aside of drama today is embracing joy and innocence, faith and trust. Remember how it feels to create with intense focus and joy, the way a child deep in discovery will do? Of letting all the cares fall away, while embracing the simplicity of presence?

Many of us also face endings that may promote grief. This is a time of deep heart healing, honoring the lessons and also allowing ourselves to just let go without making sense of it all. If you are fortunate enough not to grieve, chances are you know someone who would welcome your listening heart and perhaps an embrace.

This is also a time to pay close attention to your dreaming. Perhaps take some time to call up your dreams before getting up, before they fall away. Perhaps you may journal them for deeper discovery. The messages wanting to come through you now are profound.

Waking or sleeping, these are not times for spiritual wimps. Even through endings and beginnings, try to remember to be kind, especially to yourself.

Your mantra, Beautiful Beloveds: “Today I honor myself, my dreams and visions, and all those who come my way. Even if I only have a smile to share, I offer what I have freely.”

In bliss and love, with abundance Reiki blessings from my heart to yours. Denise

Oracle Blessings, October 7

When was the last time that you shut down all of your distractions?

October 7

Today I am using the Halloween Oracle, and the card I pulled talks of obtaining intuition and connecting with our third eye.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
~ Albert Einstein~

For today; as best as you can, shut down the distractions that pull you away from being able to see clearly. Let go of the cell phone, of social media, and even those voices and thoughts rolling around in your head. There is a bigger picture out there, the distractions mask this picture, soften your gaze and allow your sight to become clear.

Have you ever taken an intuitive leap of faith?

There are times when the intuition is so clear that we know exactly what to do, even if it may not seem to make sense in the moment. If today you get that intuitive hit pay attention and move forward with what your intuition calls for.

Today I offer this intuitive Mantra:

I close my eyes

To see clearly

I stop talking

To listen more intently

I open to what will be seen with pure vision

Listening to what is spoken

~Dana Nöllsch~

Business Oracle, October 6

Are you a risk taker?

October 6

The vision you see of the future may make little sense in this moment, divine inspiration seldom dose. Let go of what convention tells you to do and embrace what you are feeling in your heart, you may find that leverage point to change your View of what is possible.

“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson~

As you take this part of the journey be aware of those around you who wish to exert control and influence over your choices. At this time ego is not your friend, the ego of others to influence and control your actions and your own ego to show everyone else that you are right. The inspiration that you feel will stand on its own without the intervention of the ego.

Humbly I offer you this brilliant mantra:

I create with divine inspiration

Allowing for a moment what calls me to become obsession

Knowing the risk that I take

And inviting the rewards of blazing a new trail

~Dana Nöllsch~

Oracle Blessings, October 4

Have you felt the shift in your own passions and in your desires?

October 4

Today the cards talk of passion, the shifting of the season’s influencing the shifting in our passions, and inviting that passionate creation of love.

The path we walk in this moment is very powerful; channeling that powerful, passionate energy into what is worthy and good may require a conscious choice. At this time make sure that nothing is by pure chance, there will be a time to go with the flow, but for now move the chess pieces on your board precisely.

Control your own destiny or someone else will.

Jack Welch

The heart energy is all about being in control. With two Kings ruling the heart there is much opportunity to take back the control and influence that may have felt lost, also creating space for new or renewed love that may blossom and grow into Beauty beyond measure.

Are you ready to embrace a place of pure passion and love?

All of this calls for intellect, intelligent intentional choices bringing in what is truly desired, not just what is offered in the moment but what may serve in the long run.

I offer this mantra from my heart, from my soul, and from my mind:

I see clearly what is offered

Creating what I desire

With joy I live today

Knowing that love is on the way

~Dana Nöllsch~


Oracle Blessings, October 2

Today we are honored to have our guest reader Rune.

How does this reading touch you?


Thus sayeth the Emperor:

October 2

Arrogance does not serve.  Use your power for humor and care, not for petty pride- a time comes this week where you will need to wear the crown to aid others, but you mustn’t grow attached to it.

Power comes only to those who pay for it- better not to offer than to promise more than you can pay.

Watch carefully, and beware of smoke and mirrors- the more dramatic someone’s actions are, the less important they are.  Watch out for trickery from a person who is far too impressed with their own fancy dress and title than their responsibilities.



Oracle Blessings, September 30

Have you felt the longing for silence and retreat?

september 30

Your physical body has given much and is calling for nurturing. Your energy field is in much the same place and calls out for solitude.

Do you know where your energy drain is?

Physically your energy drain may be an illness or injury, your energy field may be a bit more difficult to diagnose. This could be a place or a person or even the situation that drains energy from you in ways that at times may be devastating and difficult to understand and accept. As you go through this day be aware of what you encounter places, people, situations, and even food that may leave you drained after.

“Everything in life can be nourishing. Everything can bless us, but we’ve got to be there for the blessing to occur. Being present with quality is a decision we are invited to make each day”
~MacRina Wiederkehr~ A Tree Full of Angels

Today be kind and be gentle to yourself, do not hesitate to find a quiet space and silence your mind.

I offer you this quiet mantra:

I acknowledge my breath

Deep and steady

I honor my energy

Nurtured and Powerful

~Dana Nöllsch~


Business Oracle, September 29

How are your connections serving you?

How are you serving your connections?

september 29

The connections you make in your day-to-day business is the lifeblood that feeds every part of what you create.

“Do stuff, be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.”
~ Susan Sontag~

There may be an epiphany in the week to come; this may have to do with judgment. Looking beyond the superficial, and deeper into the heart of the matter, will bring a new appreciation for the situation. Slowing down and only taking enough, leaving some for those who have supported and honored this journey will serve this week.

I offer this mantra to start the week:

Lifeblood flows in what I create

My heart beating with inspiration

I embrace my drive to be more

~Dana Nöllsch~



Love Oracle, September 28

Can you see clearly the love that is offered to you in this moment?

september 28

The week to come promises much, especially romance. If it is for you to initiate that romance, then do not hold back. If romance is offered to you then dance in the moment with all of your heart.

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.

~Carolyn Gold Heilbrun~

There’ll also be a time for you to remember past love. Reminiscence of the past will not take away anything from the present; in fact it may spark new energies.

For the first time our eyes touched

Lips finding passion

Soon as one, Embraced

~Dana Nöllsch~

Beyond your view in this moment is the help that will be offered by another or perhaps your tribe. You are truly surrounded by love, and this love is here to nurture and help you along your path this week.

Feeling the love that surrounds me, I offer you this mantra:

Love, dance with me

Our hearts beat as one

Sharing a breath

Perfect in this moment

~Dana Nöllsch~