The Celtic Dragon Tarot

The Celtic Dragon Tarot
The Celtic Dragon Tarot

By Michelle Nollsch Inspired by D.J. Conway & Lisa Hunt‘s Deck

The World

Two magicians, one male, one female, stand confidently with dragon-topped wands in their hands. They have completed the seeker’s journey from The Fool to The World, a long and arduous task, but one that has benefited them in every way- physically, materially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. By learning how to work with the energies of dragons and the Elements, they have learned to connect with everything in the Universe. They have discovered the great truth, that everything is connected on all planes of existence and in all realms.

With their wands (willpower) they can receive from and send manifestation energy to any place or any creature, even across time. The misty sky around them holds Celtic symbols, such as spirals (unending primordial matter) and spinning wheels (movement of energy). These are faintly seen in the darkness, along with many stars (spiritual guides and teachers) and the bright forms of dragons (the ability to conquer all obstacles).

Achieving Success and Goals

You are on the right track. Everything is working out for your highest good. You are contemplating a decision to cut away all the dead wood and begin your new cycle of life. Achieving your goals is ripe for the picking! You are entering a period of success in all areas of your life. New opportunities arise. Seize the opportunity while you can. The Universe is listening and responding as you manifest your dreams and desires.