The End of Summer

The End of Summer
The End of Summer

By Michelle Nollsch

Summer Festivities and Setbacks

As I write this on the last week of August and the end of summer approaching. The kids are heading back to school, and a new season is coming. What a great summer it’s been! Although we have not squeezed a vacation in yet, we have had so much fun with all the summer festivities! Visual arts and theater performances have been amazing, unique, and entertaining.

I am late in getting this blog out according to my timetable. On top of the fun we’ve been having, it’s also been challenging. It is the third time I’ve tried to write this blog, and I kept running into technical issues with my computer and internet. Though the situation tested my patience, I continued to work through the tech issues, and we finally got most of it resolved enough to get this blog out. Isn’t technology great?

Grief Awareness

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