The Power Deck

The Power Deck
The Power Deck

The Cards Of Wisdom


Action takes courage. We often feel like fish out of water, separate and different from the world around us. Fish out of water can learn to swim in a new air of consciousness with a new purpose in life. Perhaps it is identification with objects and clinging to addictions that keeps you feeling separate and keeps you from finding the source of your power: not only dependence on drugs, sex, or alcohol but also addictions like fear of failure, the need for approval, or fear of desertion. Discover your own power and meaning by having the courage to give up your addictions. Then live your power with courage.

Definition of the Card

The painting is entitled ‘Where Heart and Spirit Travel.’ It portrays an idea beyond what we usually experience. The two fish swimming out of water through a forest are symbols of the transcendent spirit. They could be your transcendent spirit moving down the path toward the high Himalayas in the distance, toward higher consciousness. It takes courage to walk this path, to go beyond the boundaries of your ideas and imagination. Do not be limited by your belief systems.

Courage is the teaching of the north and a teaching of spirit on the path to power.