Thoth and Mystery Deck Reading

Thoth and Mystery Deck Reading

As we move from one season to the next, what is left?

Time is relentless, and the seasons equally so. What season are you in in your life?

Epiphanies and Revelations

In the week to come, there will be epiphanies and questions. Pay attention to these; they will open doors to revelations if you allow them. These revelations may not be what you wish. But these revelations will be what you need, but only if you are open to the messages.

Thoth and Mystery Deck Reading

What’s In Store For The Week To Come

Be aware of what is driving you this week, do not allow anger and frustration to guide your way. Instead, you will want to save your energy for a time when you will need that energy to walk through a challenging situation.

There is no reason to change someone else’s mind. In the week to come, allow others to have their own story. It is not for you to influence this week. Even your own feelings and ideas are not to be tampered with, but this week is the time to genuinely be with these feelings and thoughts and understand where they are coming from. If you can do this, you will be aware of where you have gone off the rails, and they offer an opportunity to regain the path you should be walking.


Even though the week to come will offer time for quiet reflection and observance, there will be energies trying to pull you away. If you allow these energies to take you off this peaceful path this week, you will take a few steps back but never fear; you can always find the direction you are destined for as long as you allow and do not fight.

I wish you quiet contemplation this week, and I am confident you will achieve your goals.