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Chakra Insight Oracle
Chakra Insight Oracle

Gut Instincts

Intuition~ Knowing~ Sensing~ Trust

In the center of your being there is a quiet space of inner knowing. Still your mind so you can connect with the call of your instincts.

Our gut instincts are our souls way of communicating and guiding us on the path of life. While our minds produce thoughts and rational interpretation of our experience, our instincts connect to a more sensitive, intuitive wisdom that often communicates through physical sensations in our bodies. This quiet nudge is our inner knowing, our connection with the Universe. It is always there if we stop to sense it.

It is safe to trust the inner feeling of your own gut instincts. it is time to value the knowing of your gut instincts more in your daily life. Pause for a moment before making purely mental decisions, and check in with the quiet inner voice of your body. the more you tune into this aspect of your being, the more clearly it will speak to you and the more powerfully you will know how to respond.


Support~ Love~ Signs~ Direction

You are being Divinely guided now, in seen and unseen ways. Open yourself to receive, trust and follow the path that is unfolding.

Sometimes it feels like we are all alone. That we are struggling to find a way and no one is there to help. When we feel we are without guidance, it is usually because we are ignoring the wisdom, signs and support that are trying to reach us through the subtle realms of higher knowing.

It is time to open yourself to the guidance available to you now. If there is an area of life in which you feel you need support, be willing to ask and then receive, in whatever form it comes. Breathe deeply and give thanks, knowing you are being guided and supported now.

The Mind

Openness~ Flexibility~ Imagination~ Learning

Your mind is the architect of your experience. There is no limit to what it can create.

Our mind can be our greatest ally and our most challenging foe. Close your eyes for a moment and capture a snapshot of your thoughts. are they holding visions of your highest potential or are they spiraling in the other direction? Train your mind to focus on the positive aspects of life and to remain open to new concepts and ideas.

Take time to daydream and use your imagination. Just allow your mind to settle and follow the flow of life. A calm, centered mind can easily align with the flow of higher guidance. Find out what creative, imaginative places your mind can travel to, if you let loose!