Tarot of Dreams

Tarot of Dreams
Tarot of Dreams

Six of Cups

Fond memories. Child-like simplicity and innocence. Living in the past. Avoiding a painful reality by seeing it through rose-colored glasses.

After disappointments have been suffered, a measure of contentment and pleasure is found in the quiet contemplation of happy memories. Apply this same child-like clarity, simplicity, and innocence to our daily lives.

We may be living too much in the past, or else we may be dealing with a painful reality by seeing it through rose-colored glasses. You have an intense longing to feel once more the self-confidence and optimism which you felt in the past.

Nine of Coins

Enjoying the results of hard work. Creating a satisfying environment. Peace. Retreating into your own shell.

You have succeeded in creating an environment around yourself which is truly satisfying. You have worked hard and now it’s time to enjoy the results. You have attained the peace you sought.

Be aware of shutting the world out and retreating into your own shell too much. Moderation in all things is needed. Balance of peace and solitude is essential. A perfectly ordered environment contains its own beauty.

Seven of Swords

Sneakiness, cleverness, audacity and dishonesty.

Are you being too clever for your own good? Are you looking to taking the easy way out instead of working for what you want? Taking the easy path could lead you to a more difficult path that you didn’t bargain for. You may or may not get away with it. The degree of dishonesty depends on the context of the situation. It could range all the way from a white lie to a major deception.

We all have a tendency at times to rebel against ethical laws by simply appropriating what we want, despite the fact that deep down, we know better. Do the right thing even if no one else is watching. Integrity is key right now.