Memorial Day Weekend Oracle Reading by Dana

Memorial Day Weekend Oracle Reading by Dana

As we enter this holiday weekend, a weekend for remembrance, I offer you these cards and this message. 

Memorial Day Weekend Oracle Reading by Dana

The Good

Don’t be afraid to embrace the calmness of this weekend; this is a great time to relax and allow. There will be a serenity as the world around you slows down. Take time away from the repetitive toil of life to offer a few moments of potential clarity.

As you relax and enjoy, be aware of how your thoughts and desires may change. This is for you to actively allow. The active part for you is to intentionally find time for quiet contemplation.

Be open as the weekend winds down; the calmness may bring revelation. As all good things do inevitably come to an end, so must this weekend come to an end. But this is not a bad thing. What you have learned about yourself needs to be absorbed into your very being. 

The Bad

There are energies to be aware of and to avoid. This is not necessarily the energy of people. This negative energy may manifest in the individuals you encounter as you enjoy your weekend. These people may trigger you.

As you allow this weekend to run its course, be aware of biting negative thoughts. These thoughts will not help you along your way and will take you off your natural course. Indeed there are negative influences that do not wish you to receive what may be offered.

What does all this mean?

To put it simply.

Have a good weekend, and don’t let anybody harsh your ride.

The Cards Used

This morning I used two decks, perhaps my favorite two decks.  

The first deck used was the OSHO Zen Tarot, which I have found easy and light-hearted and highly recommended for new readers.

The second deck used was the Thoth Tarot or, as some refer to them as, Crowley Cards. The Thoth Tarot was created in the mid-1940s as a beautiful, esoteric tarot deck. These were the first Tarot cards I owned. Truthfully there has been a love-hate relationship between the cards and me, but you don’t want to hear about that, do you?

These cards do work well together.