By Michelle Nollsch

My Struggles With Procrastination

I have to admit I have struggled with procrastination most of my adult life for one reason or another. My perfectionism and working under pressure seem to be the main culprits. When I make mistakes, I am very hard on myself. I avoid making mistakes by procrastinating, and the circle jerk begins. It’s a total mind fuck! Understanding why you do something is half the battle. So how do I stop procrastinating?


How To Avoid Procrastination

It’s time to stop riding this hamster wheel shown above. I believe in creating obtainable goals. Usually it’s because I feel overwhelmed so any tools that can help prevent that, I am all for! Here is a list of 5 things I can do to avoid procrastination and stay on track:

  • Make a to-do list or task list.
  • Take baby steps by breaking the list into smaller steps making it less overwhelming.
  • Eliminate distractions such as TV, social media, etc.
  • Set a reasonable due date.
  • Rewarding myself after completing the goal or task with something I enjoy doing.

I feel this is a good start on breaking the habit of procrastination. In reality, it all stems from our thoughts. Adding to the list above, I can also be mindful of my thoughts. When I sense procrastination creeping in, I can take action and prevent it from going further. That is not to say I won’t procrastinate, but having and using the tools will help. I am human, after all.

Procrastination vs. Laziness

This will conclude my blog for today. Leave a comment on a topic you would like to know more about for next month. As you know by now, it will be my point of view as I share my personal experience with you regarding that topic. Ta Ta for now! A friendly remember it’s progress, NOT perfection.