Are You Empathic or Empathetic?

Are You Empathic or Empathetic?
Are You Empathic or Empathetic?

By Michelle Nollsch

What’s The Difference Between Empathetic & Empathic?

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Self-Care For An Empath

As a child, I felt everything deeply-I was considered to be overly sensitive. In my late 30s, I finally understood what it meant to be an Empath. It wasn’t just empathizing with the other person- I was also absorbing their energy! Crowds overwhelm me. I find them such an energy drain.

Over the years, I have learned to use self-care where I can maintain my energy without getting drained completely. My husband and I are both Empaths & this list I’m sharing with you has been beneficial & conducive to our well-being. We love helping others but not to the point of enabling them. See below:

  1. Carrying obsidian & quartz in my pocket, necklace, or bra has allowed a protective barrier from crowds or negative people.
  2. Meditate and pray before leaving the house or before guests drop by.
  3. Create a sanctuary such as my house or bedroom. Protecting my space from outsiders-being wise of who we invite over.
  4. Smudge the house and me after negative encounters.
  5. Limit my time out in a crowd or with toxic people.
  6. Taking a nap helps me recharge.
  7. Journal about the experience.
  8. Soak in a bath or take a shower -wash off the day!

There are many more self-care techniques not listed here, but these have helped me the most in decreasing my anxiety. Tuning into your body when triggers pop up can help you distinguish between your feelings vs. the other person(s). It has allowed me to assess the situation & take necessary action to feel like ME again.

Self-Help, Support & Boundaries

We no longer have to succumb to others if it doesn’t feel right to us. I have learned to set boundaries & apply my self-care techniques. I’m not swayed by every emotion or circumstance that comes my way. Toxic relationships are non-existent in my life. If I sense drama with people in my life I will limit my time with them. On occasion, I become drained by others. I’m grateful to the have the tools handy to get back on track. Today, we lead a peaceful and serene life and for that I am grateful!