When We Are Feeling Stuck

When We Are Feeling Stuck
When We Are Feeling Stuck

By Michelle Nollsch

What We Perceive We Believe

I know we have all been there feeling like we are walking in quicksand going nowhere. Perhaps it’s all in our head- perception is everything!

Sometimes it’s not about doing but being still enough to feel into this season of our life.

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I, for one, am driven. I am constantly feeling like I should be doing more. It is hard for me to sit still & watch life unfold just as meant to be. Examining my shadow side can be challenging but beneficial. I have to admit I want life to look & be a certain way but lack the ambition to make it happen. I need to get out of my damn way!

Resistance Leads To Feeling Stuck

I’m a firm believer in baby steps, taking a more gentle approach to myself & others. I break down my project into 10-15 minutes, then slowly increase the time daily. I apply this to exercise as well. This technique seems to work well for me. There is less pressure allowing me to grow through my mistakes & setbacks.

You know the old saying, ” two steps forward, one step back. It is a sign of discouragement that could lead to feeling stuck. I choose to rise above & work through it slowly. It is a struggle as I play tug of war with myself. When I choose to love myself through the process, it seems to go smoother. There is less frustration & discouragement.

Trusting In The Process

If you are struggling with the feeling of being stuck, I encourage you to view the situation differently. Take a step back, do what you can at that moment & be ok with your progress. Remember, it’s progress, not perfection. When I allow my perfectionistic tendencies to get in the way, then procrastination gets in the way & slows my progress even more.

As I learn to trust the process & not fight against it, wanting the situation to be different but isn’t, my life runs smoother. I know it’s easier said than done. May you find this encouraging & uplifting. We don’t have to be stuck. The main thing is to grow through it, be patient with ourselves & break it down into much more manageable increments. There are seasons for everything. Embrace whatever season you are in & grow from there.