Life After The Pandemic

Life After The Pandemic
Life After The Pandemic

My Personal Struggle

For many, the pandemic has changed how we view the world today. I no longer take life for granted. Spending time w/our loved ones & close friends is so important to me as we don’t know how long we have w/ them-people move, people die, people change careers, etc. As I watched people come & go in the last two years, changes of many kinds occurred. It was time for a change!

I began to focus on setting my goals & make them happen. My aim was to work towards working from home as Admin Assistant for our home-based business of website design & development. My husband began to get busier with website work & it soon became a dire need to bring me home permanently to assist him. I am slowly learning what it takes to build a website from scratch, which I find very exciting!

So much in our world has changed since the pandemic took hold & flung us all around like ragdolls! Having to wear the masks mandatory at work, stores & medical appointments took a toll on my physical & mental health. It is not healthy for anyone to be in a constant state of fear & worry. I had a severe case of Covid in December 2020. My respiratory system took a while after Covid to heal & breathe healthy again. I was using my inhaler more frequently. I was beginning to wonder if this was going to be permanent!

So many suffered & some died. I lost co-workers & loved ones. It was such a sad time for us all. My husband was having health issues unrelated to Covid but still taking precedence & draining both our energy. The stress, at times, was too much to bear. It feels pretty amazing to be on the other side of it all & life is so much better.

Faith Over Fear-Life After The Pandemic

You are probably wondering why I chose this topic to share w/ You. If you are struggling & still working through all the chaos from 2020, I want to assure you that through hope & faith, there is healing & rest for your weary soul on the other side. Keep pressing on & don’t lose sight of where you are going or want to be.

I feel the past two years have been a time of reflection. What did Covid teach me? I began looking beyond the chaos & did some deep soul searching. There was a tremendous amount of loss for us all, but then I thought, what did I gain? It was time to re-center & evaluate personally.

Our youth are struggling daily & so many are afraid to leave their own house. I was one of those people. Once I got home from the day’s work, I didn’t want to go out again. My weekends consisted of rest mostly & meeting my most basic needs like grocery shopping, eating, & getting ready to do it all over again the following week.

It was not easy to keep going, but I persevered. You see, I didn’t just want to survive. I want to thrive! I’m here to tell you there is life after the pandemic! If you found this blog engaging & may wonder what it’s like to work from home w/ your spouse, check out my next blog!