Working From Home Together As A Couple

Working From Home Together As A Couple
Working From Home Together As A Couple

Our Ever Changing World

Lately, I have been observing that many people seek employment in the comfort of their own homes. The pandemic had an impact on us all in the work arena. Many companies had no choice but to offer us to work from home. I will be honest, working from home was very appealing to me, but I wondered if I had the discipline to stay focused & productive.

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I remember visiting our doctor for the last time & announcing that I would be working from home with my husband. In a sarcastic tone, she said, “Oh! That’s a great idea, the both of you working from home together“. We giggled & finished our appointment. Yeah, about that! All kidding aside, my husband & I get along very well. We enjoy spending time with one another so much!

Maintaining A Healthy Relationship Working From Home

We believe communication is key to a healthy, thriving relationship. We check in with each other throughout the day in a selfless way. Communicating what we need from each other in the moment or during the day comes naturally to us both. My husband can usually tell when I need a break from him, which isn’t often. My personality requires more solitude than his at times & we adjust accordingly.

It’s a beautiful thing when a couple can come together & support one another emotionally, mentally, physically, financially & spiritually. It is rare these days & I treasure our relationship as a gift from the Universe. We view ourselves as a Team or Partners-we are in this together! There is not much we do without each other. Whatever the job may be, we can do it together faster.

It is all about finding the balance. My husband may be working on a particular task, but I need to finish what I’m working on- we check in with each other & allot time for both tasks. It seems to work well for Us. We don’t have a perfect marriage & we do argue, but we make it a point to talk it out when we aren’t on the same page.

The Happy Couple Working From Home

We encountered a few skeptics about working from home together but kept our “eye on the prize”. I see so many couples together but are doing so many things separately. I have been through other relationships where it became one-sided. The load was heavy for one person & didn’t last. I want more from our marriage. We want more!

To answer my question from the first paragraph, I have been able to maintain focus & discipline working from home. I am learning something new daily for the business or projects we are working on around the house. We made a great choice & it’s working for Us. The topic of relationships might be my next blog, so stay tuned as there is so much to discuss.