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An unhealthy ego consists of pride, vanity, self-importance, arrogance and self-infatuation. In other words Its all about ME! We can be our own worst enemy and ruin the wholesomeness of the human experience if we don’t keep our ego in check.

A healthy ego is necessary otherwise humans would have no desire to live or procreate. When the ego is controlled, it makes for a great motivator and we can achieve greatness! Using our ego from the perspective of the higher self reminds us to check our motives before we proceed.

Change In Consciousness

I think we can all use a change in consciousness when it comes to dealing with others. Attributes of a higher consciousness consists of unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, and understanding for yourself and others. Strive to be pro-active instead of re-active in all situations. Are we viewing our life through old filters?

Harmony/ Balance

This card calls for us to harmonize and balance the life force energies. It is the triune of love, light and harmony. we live our life in service to others with open hands, a open heart, and an open mind.

This symbol is used to enlighten others on the path to wholeness. It signifies staying connected to all that is. To the degree that you are happy with yourself, with people, and the world around you, you are in harmony with all that is.


What a great reading this week! If we balance our ego along with a change in consciousness we can be harmonious and at peace with people, the world and ourselves. That sounds great to me. How about you? Now let’s get to work and make this happen!