Whispers Of Love

Whispers Of Love
Whispers Of Love

Physical Touch is Important

For some of us, nothing is more important than a tender touch. This might include a pat on the back or giving a hug to someone who needs it.

Sometimes a hug is exactly what what is needed. As humans, the ability to connect with each other physically is important. Hand holding, kissing, embracing, giving back rubs, putting an arm around someone’s shoulders simply placing a hand on someone’s arm to show support are ways of expressing physical touch.

Turn on Your Heart Light

Allow yourself in this moment, to reflect on a time when you experienced love.

Thinking of loving moments will enable you to open your heart. Taking time to draw on a memory of love reopens and heals your heart to receiving love. It is important to keep your heart light on and broadcast your love out into the world.

True Love

This love is a once in a lifetime love.

This relationship is part of your life’s plan. Unconditional love is easier said than done. Remember the love aspect of your partnership. If it is a soul mate relationship the connection will be 50/50 and almost perfectly balanced.