The Tarot of Transformation

The Tarot of Transformation
The Tarot of Transformation

By Michelle Nollsch Inspired by Willow Arlenea‘s deck

Chart Your Own Course to Healing and Spiritual Awakening

6 of Wands

Inner Seeing

Now is the time for deep reflection. Go inward and tune in completely. We are near the end of one season and about to embrace a new one. With each new season, expect change and try not to fight it. You will only prolong the inevitable. Acceptance of your present situation is essential to your well-being. It’s all temporary, anyways.

6 of Cups

Sharing Support

Rally around like-minded people and truly support one another. Community is needed now more than ever. Let go of stubbornness and independence and ask for help. We must give to receive and vice versa. Acts of kindness, if done out of a pure heart, will be rewarded by the Universe. In general, just be kind. Many people are hurting.

1 of Disks

Birth into Form

You are in the process of birthing something in your life- a new career, a new love relationship, or a new way of life. Trust in the process and keep moving forward even if you can’t see the path clearly. Walk by faith not by sight. You may only be able to see the step in front of you. Don’t be afraid. You are not alone. Your guides and angels are leading you.