The Halloween Oracle

The Halloween Oracle

The Underworld

Where all things pause and begin again

Another realm, shadow filled. Travel from death’s bed where we stop and transform within the realm of the dead.

The idea of an ‘underworld’, a whole realm we all go to after we die, is a concept that crosses a huge variety of cultures and eras. The Sumerians, the Turkish, the Incas, the Greeks through to the Siberians, the Maori and the Kymers. All had a distinct word for the underworld. What is different though is how those cultures treat this concept-whether the underworld is seen as a place of rest and rejuvenation or horror and punishment.

The Christian hell is a place of darkness, fire and punishment. The Egyptian underworld is one of judgement, peace and renewal. In Maori culture it is an in-between place of waiting, wisdom and transition. Many myths that mention the underworld often involve the concept of a place of waiting and of trials and eventual judgement. It can also be a place of joy and peace.

This card poses an important question- What do you have to do to transform your life into something you find easier and more authentic to you? This may involve changing course. It may involve trials and tests. Keep moving. At the same time, things may fall away and your life may appear bare for a time, this is temporary. Space is being made into which you can create the new.


When I first picked this card negative notions washed over me. In reading a different perspective, I can totally see how this could relate to my life and I hope you can do the same. Keeping an open mind and learning from other cultures and eras can be rewarding. it doesn’t have to be darkness, fire and punishment. I encourage you to look for a deeper meaning and go from there in building a life with purpose and joy.