The Halloween Oracle

The Halloween Oracle
The Halloween Oracle

By Michelle Nollsch Inspired by Stacey Demarco‘s deck

Forgiveness-Reducing Burden

A wrong is done. Consequences you cannot deny. But to hold a grudge is to drink the poison and think that the other person will die.

Being a cold-season festival, Halloween is the perfect time to pause and think about how things actually are in our lives and what heavy burdens we do not wish to carry through these harder, leaner times. Some of this heavy-heartedness may relate to old relationships or grievances. Some may relate to negative feelings we hold onto tightly about others and even a lack of compassion for the ‘mistakes’ we have ourselves made.

It is said that it takes a ‘big person to apologize’ but in many ways it takes an even bigger person to forgive. When we hold grudges, the negative energy is incredibly toxic. It is like drinking a poison and expecting the other ‘unforgiven’ person to die! Whilst we may even harbor feelings of revenge (and to be honest, that does feel good for awhile), it important that we move those feelings along to forgiveness and release as soon as possible for our own health and well-being.

In thinking about this card, who is it we should be thinking about forgiving? This includes ourselves too- easier said than done right? If we want move forward in life and truly heal-forgiveness is a must! Otherwise both parties are stuck in a holding pattern and neither one can progress until we do. We are a magnet, if you will, to the ‘unforgiven’. Set yourself FREE and let the healing begin! This is part of the process of becoming the best version of yourself. Shine bright! Blessings to you all!