Being Vulnerable With Others

Being Vulnerable With Others
Being Vulnerable With Others

Vulnerability On My Blogging Journey

If you have been following along w/ me as I blog, you have gotten to know me better. I ask myself, when am I sharing too much? I talk about being authentic & vulnerable, but it is downright scary to reveal your true self! I allow myself to be vulnerable with others to ensure they are safe with me. What if I get rejected for oversharing? That is a chance I will have to take if I am going to be a good blogger.

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As we travel together on my blog journey, I will share deeper truths & personal experiences on various topics. Some of my personal experiences are very painful to discuss. I believe I will heal another layer as I blog & share my experience, strength & hope with you. I think what we go through in our life can & will help others.

Writing has always been a passion for me & now I’m finally doing it! It is exciting to be doing what you love. I never lost sight of my dreams, but having the patience for them to come to fruition was a struggle. I continued to manifest my desires despite any results seen. I walked by faith, not by sight. Hope is the key to it all.

Staying Positive In Hopeless Times

There have been times when I was in a seemingly hopeless state of mind & it wasn’t pretty. I quickly learned that if I kept hope alive, I could stay positive and obtain an attitude of gratitude. I carried a gratitude list for a long time. It helped when I was going through rough patches & I needed to remind myself how blessed I was.

I started with the basics & worked up – food, shelter, water, a bed to sleep in, friendship, family, job, church or group support, etc. It is imperative to have a healthy support system. Isolation can be deadly if you are alone too long. Many people confuse solitude & isolation. They are very different from one another. It does require being vulnerable with others which isn’t easy.

Building Trust Leads to Vulnerability & Intimacy

I will admit that I have trust issues. My circle is small for a reason. If I want to grow, I must exercise my trust muscle often. I no longer need to be an open book about my life. I can freely choose with who I want to share my experiences. Intimacy is another scary word for some. If you can’t be intimate w/ your partner or spouse, it will be hard to be vulnerable with others.