Strengthening Family Ties

Strengthening Family Ties

Connecting & Strengthening Family Ties

The topic of my family has been on my mind lately with the graduations, summer festivities & seeking connection. I’m looking forward to our upcoming trip to see our daughter & grandchildren who live in Montana. This trip is one we don’t want to miss! Even though my husband was very sick last year, we made the trip to Montana anyways & had a blast!

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Recently we attended our niece’s graduation from High School. It was great reconnecting with the family I hadn’t seen in a while. Boy! Was that a mixed bag of nuts! Such a blend of family ties. Despite the cultural barriers, a good time was had by all! I do what I can to strengthen family ties though its uncomfortable at times.

A Bit of Family History

I suppose, at this point, I should share some history with you. At an early age, my parents adopted me. My biological mother felt that was the best decision for both of us. My parents passed away six weeks apart when I turned 17 years old. Mom had lung cancer & dad had colon cancer. I struggled to graduate as drugs & alcohol dominated my life through my tragic losses. I will share more on this topic in a different blog.

In my first year of high school, I met my biological family & at the age of 18 years old, I reunited with them. It has been hard to juggle both families from time to time. I am abundant with so much family which I find overwhelming at times. I am grateful for social media! Being able to keep in touch with almost everyone has been a blessing.

I don’t know much about my biological father other than he passed away at seventeen years old from a car accident. My mother had not given birth to me yet. I am close to most of my siblings on my mother’s side-two brothers & two sisters. I am a middle child but grew up as the “baby” in my adopted family. These dynamics are interesting to me. I wonder how differently I would have grown up as the middle child instead of the “baby.”

Acceptance and Forgiveness Is The Key