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  • Finding Forgiveness

    Finding Forgiveness

    A personal blog talking about Finding Forgiveness by Michelle Nollsch. Sharing my experience, strength and hope.

  • When We Are Feeling Stuck

    By Michelle Nollsch What We Perceive We Believe I know we have all been there feeling like we are walking in quicksand going nowhere. Perhaps it’s all in our head- perception is everything! What if we embraced the feeling of being stuck instead of resisting it? Would we still be stuck? Sometimes it’s not about…

  • The Path of Least Resistance

    Going With the Flow The act of going with the flow seems easy enough. I picture how water flows smoothly, even over rocks which we may call obstacles in our path. For the last couple of weeks, I have observed how well I am going with the flow. I am impatient with my friends &…

  • Being Vulnerable With Others

    Vulnerability On My Blogging Journey If you have been following along w/ me as I blog, you have gotten to know me better. I ask myself, when am I sharing too much? I talk about being authentic & vulnerable, but it is downright scary to reveal your true self! I allow myself to be vulnerable…