Blogger’s Checklist

Blogger's Checklist
Blogger's Checklist

Picking A Topic

What a crazy week it’s been! It has been hard to carve out time to blog this week. I thought I would provide a blogger’s checklist for other bloggers -what HAS worked for me & what hasn’t. What if you are not inspired to write? A podcast I follow mentions that “writers write” and I say to you “bloggers blog”.

Usually, I have a topic by the first part of the week, if not sooner. I like to research my topic for inspiration & help with forming the words of what I’m trying to share with the world. I get most of my inspiration for photos from our morning walks. Photography is something I enjoy & like taking pictures of flowers, nature, water & animals of all kinds.

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Setting Up The Blog

While I write my Body of Contents on Grammarly, I set up the Post on my website. I insert the Title, Insert Image & Featured Image adding Alt Text to both. Next, I enter the Category, Tags, Focus Keyphrase and Meta Description. My blogs are usually between 400-600 words. I love using Grammarly to keep track of how many words I’ve written. Today I’m not using Grammarly & see the difference it makes. The writing tool Grammarly helps correct anything before plugging into your Post that SEO may not catch.

After I add the Body of Contents to my Blog Post, I add my Outbound Links & Internal links. This action aids in your SEO performance -Search Engine Performance. It is good to periodically check the SEO analysis before publishing the Blog Post & make any corrections necessary. I strive for the green smiley face but don’t always check off the whole list of changes needed. Choosing what is most important & then publishing my Blog.

Time For A Recap

I want to be clear that there is no right or wrong way to set up your Blog. This way works well for me, especially if I’m in a time crunch. The Summer Festivities are upon us & I still don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to tackle it all! You will find the way that works best for You. Here is a Blog Checklist to look over & mentally check off for a successful blog:

  1. Title
  2. Body of Contents
  3. Focus Key phrase
  4. Meta Description
  5. Image
  6. Alt Text-add Key phrase
  7. Featured Image
  8. Alt Text-add Key phrase
  9. Categories
  10. Tags
  11. Heading
  12. Subheadings
  13. ‘Read More’ link
  14. Outbound Link
  15. Internal Link -link to previous blog
  16. Check SEO Analysis -make necessary changes
  17. Check Readability-make necessary changes
  18. Post to social media platform(s)

Wow! This is quite a list I’ve got going here! May this help blog & cut your time in half. There is a lot of planning in writing a blog. I’m always looking for the most efficient way to complete it & send it out to my audience. The world needs to hear what you have to say. Don’t forget to enjoy life!