The Path of Least Resistance

The Path of Least Resistance
The Path of Least Resistance

Going With the Flow

The act of going with the flow seems easy enough. I picture how water flows smoothly, even over rocks which we may call obstacles in our path. For the last couple of weeks, I have observed how well I am going with the flow. I am impatient with my friends & loved ones but I refrain from complaining about it. Isn’t it true we are all capable of going with the flow when it’s all going our way?

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What does the path of least resistance mean? Well, when we resist anything, the way becomes unbearable & laborious. When we become mindful of our thoughts, we can manage our reactions to different scenarios or tasks we need to complete. If I approach it negatively, then it takes me twice as long to finish.

I consider myself easy-going, not making waves unless I have an opinion about the subject which isn’t often. Lately, though, it has been harder to keep positive & go with the flow. I wanted to complain about the situation, which I found was nitpicky & probably only bothering me. I’m glad I didn’t overreact. It requires a great deal of discipline to look inward & view my character flaws.

When we speak of energy, moving down the path of least resistance, whether it’s water flowing in a river or a current of electricity flowing through a circuit, we should strive to “flow” the same way. After all, we are all made up of energy.

Law of Attraction

If you follow the Law of Attraction & how to manifest your dreams, I highly recommend Summer McStravick- the author of the book called Flowdreaming. I find meditation difficult for me to practice. If you are empathic like me, emoting your desires may work better. Seeing my end result before it is here has been beneficial, which means keeping our eye on the prize while we are trusting the process.

I have used the technique “Flowdreaming” for the past 9 years. Summer goes into great detail using the path of least resistance & how it has worked for her. I found her books to be enlightening & as I applied those principles to my own life, oh my how so much has changed. Much to my surprise she read my review on her podcast!

As I think back on my journey, what seemed at one point the end of something turned out to be the beginning. Now happily married and working from home with my husband. We have two beautiful daughters, six grandkids & four furbabies. My life is full of love & friendship. I may not be rich monetarily but I am rich in blessings! I have found happiness within & continue to manifest my desires daily.