Joys and Losses of February

Joys and Losses of February
Joys and Losses of February

By Michelle Nollsch

My Joys and Losses

As I sit here and write to you, it is storming outside. Snow and wind are at large throughout the city of Reno. Most of us are over it and looking forward to Spring. Today is the last day of the month, so with this short month, I present you with a short blog. A synopsis of my month sharing my joys and losses. This month has been bittersweet, which I found to be very emotional. It felt like riding a rollercoaster -the ups, downs, and all-around feels.

Riding The Roller Coaster

I think you see how it would feel like a roller coaster ride of emotions by now. I am so grateful for my supportive husband, who allows me to feel those feelings. Dana took me out for date night at the Pioneer Center for a broadway play called “Aint Too Proud, The Life and Times of The Temptations.” If there is a chance to see it, it is well worth it! We ordered pizza earlier that day and had chocolate cake. What a great day!

All in all, there has been more joy than loss this month. It’s been almost a year since I retired from my former job, which I will go into more depth in next month’s blog. My life is so much better, and I’m enjoying my life for the first time without many distractions. I love the flexible hours and fun events I get to attend now. Next month is loaded with fun events as well. It’s going to be a great year!

2 responses to “Joys and Losses of February”

  1. Shelby Vandersloot

    I love you so much mom! We have each other through the hard times and the good times! Looking forward to summer time so we can have more vacations and make more memories.

    1. Michelle Nollsch

      I love you so much and thankful for our relationship! We are stronger together. Looking forward to our yearly vacation w/ our little family once it warms up. We have another storm brewing here but soon the flowers will bloom.