Madame Dora’s Fortune-Telling Cards

Madame Dora's Fortune-Telling Cards
Madame Dora's Fortune-Telling Cards

Strong Simon

“Hold on, You are almost there.”


Madame Dora says My life has not been pretty. I came from a poor family, I was not particularly beautiful, and I married a man who could not hold a job. When he died, I had to live simply in an apartment with no car, no fancy clothes, and no boyfriends to take me places. I’ve had my share of illnesses and hospital stays.

As much as I was born with the gift of seeing in the future, I’ve had no clear vision of my own destiny. Still I get up each morning, take care of my plants, play a little cards, visit with the grandchildren, shop for groceries, and at night, watch the late shows.

It’s a good enough life, and I’m sticking to see what is left for me to see. I wouldn’t say I’m courageous – but I’m not afraid. I believe that there is some special surprise waiting for me at the end of the line, and I’m going to live as well as I can until I get there. Maybe that’s what courage really is.


I don’t know about you but I can totally relate to Madame Dora. The simple life is truly the best life! Sometimes the answer is around the corner, just out of sight. That is why Strong Simon says “Hang on, You’re almost there.” It takes as much courage to wait as it does to act. Now is the time for you to show that quiet courage of patience without resignation. The answer you seek is so close you can taste it. It will come and you will have the strength to wait for it.

You’ve hit what marathoner’s call The Wall: mile 20 out of 26. You’re almost at the finish line, but you’re too tired, frustrated, and exasperated to care. Time to buckle down and let courage drive you home. Hang in there. You’ve got this!

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  1. Jann

    Love it!!! Very inspiring and insightful ❤️

  2. Michelle Nollsch

    Thank You!