Sea Whispers

Sea Whispers
Sea Whispers

Drenched In The Wisdom of the Ocean and Splashed with the Spirit of the Sea

Beach Hut- Retreat

You may not be able to escape for a retreat in a beach hut but do make some time to get away. Summertime is here and we could all use a vacation from the doldrums of everyday life. Get creative and keep an open mind. It can be as simple as a day trip for a hike or a near by town/city to explore. Feed your soul with nature, art or adventure! It’s essential for our growth. All work and no play makes us dull, dull, dull!

Shark- Fears

What fears are you not facing? Facing your fears is easier said than done. The only thing you need to fear is fear itself and sharks! I don’t care much to swim in the ocean for this very reason! Most of the time it’s False Evidence Appearing Real. Perhaps a different approach is in order-Feel Excited And Ready for a change! You have what it takes and the courage to carry it out. The strength to do so resides in you. Believe you can and you will!

Fish- Abundance

Abundance is not only monetarily. Why not ask for abundance in health, creativity, friendship, love, food, family etc. It helps to have money to pursue your dreams though. Whatever you may be lacking may your blessings be increased in abundance. Self-worth and limiting beliefs will stifle your manifesting abilities. The Law of Attraction plays a key part in all of it. Envision yourself already having an abundance of all things and indeed you will.


Don’t be afraid to get out there and live your life in abundance. There is so much life to live! Try something new for a change. You may meet a new acquaintance that could bud into an new friendship or love interest. The Universe is waiting for you to make your move. Blessings upon blessings will bestow upon you.