The Merlin Tarot

The Merlin Tarot
The Merlin Tarot


Though it may be helpful or useful in your current situation, is it morally acceptable? If the answer is no, look for a situation that does not compromise your integrity. You may get what you want but at the expense of doing what is right. Look for an alternative solution that is a win-win situation. Don’t forfeit all you have worked for by cutting corners now. Protect your integrity by doing the right thing whether anybody else is watching. Self-interest does not provide any satisfaction just a dead-end. We must think of others, how they may benefit as well.


Your kindness and generosity is noticed and will be rewarded. Unselfishness is rare these days. It seems most people are only in it for themselves or have a hidden agenda and want something from you. Rise above and continue to be that person who genuinely cares and doesn’t mind sharing their time, money, food, energy and kindness to those in need. Even if it’s not reciprocated do it anyways. The Universe is always watching. Good karma goes a long ways. Be the bigger person in all situations.


If you have recently suffered a loss of someone or something, it may be difficult to find your footing. Death, divorce or loss of a relationship can feel depleting. Get plenty of rest and eat healthy but by all means if you are craving something sweet, eat it. Be gentle with yourself and feel the feelings as they come. Just remember nothing is permanent and can be fleeting. Ride the waves of grief and tune in to your body as to what you need in that moment. Creating a self-care list could be beneficial. Take a walk, take a nap or talk to someone.